April 21


BruhitzmebruhThe Carnivorous Dinosaur

I’m a dinosaur so what if I say wrawr,

so what if i’m scaly

and have big teeth.

I don’t eat twigs and I don’t eat figs,

I’m a carnivorous dinosaur,

so I rather eat pigs.

Don’t judge me cause i’m big and scary,

how would you feel

if you were judged daily?

March 22

Fat Bird

ghjThere was a fat bird and he loved to eat. I would tell him to stop but he was a bird so he didn’t listen.But what I didn’t know was that he was a magical bird. One day he got out of his cage and flew off into the woods. I didn’t see him for 12 years. I was walking one day when I saw a bird but he was red and he was fat. So I yelled at it and told it to come here. Then I see 2 bird then 3 birds soon millions of bird poke their heads out. I saw what many people would never see in their lives. I saw the FAT BIRD…..

To Be Continued…

I also have a question whats your favorite bird.(mines the North American Cardinal)

March 1

100 Word Essay

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I am Batowl and I must defend this city and am Mega monkey and I am Batcoon. I am Earlybird… then why are you here last said Batcoon Oh thought I was first. Is this your home Batcoon said Batowl. Yes this is the coon can, oh the coon can ya said Batcoon. You see we have this light thing right here come on this is not MTV cribs let’s get started said Batowl. Ok so we need to take out This guy named Green Dancer who uses tear gas and is swimming right now…Most likely.


To be continued..

January 26

100 Word Essay


So funny but later that day. Here lies Dr. Zoidberg, He was my friend cried Batcoon. Gonna miss him cried EarlyBird. Remember when he would always raise his hand in class and never said anything but mhm. Remember in the zombie apocalypse when he knew exactly what to do, You got me lobster mhm. Why, He just died right here. Does anyone have anything to say. I do and that is Zoidberg didn’t really like any of you said Zoidberg and right then Earlybird pulled out a gun and said sorry this is for friends and family only bang.

I have to ask you. What is you favorite youtube.


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January 11

Drone Tinkering

At school we have electives and my elective is coding. Also in elective which is called tinkerlab I work with a drone. I have learned how to control it very over the past couple months and now I know how to code it, fly it, take a selfie, and make it do a flip. I have failed with flying it many times but I have mastered flying it so far but also I cant really say that because im in a situation where it wont take off the ground anymore. But I will figure it out and make it fly again.IMG_20160107_090656

December 16

The Age of Code




Last week my classroom did a event called the Hour of Code. The Hour of Code was a week were my classroom mainly did code the whole week. Some of the things that we did were going on a website called code.org and the website has many different courses to teach or to make you better at coding. The hour of code is easy at first then it starts to get harder as you progress in the course. The courses are fun and engaging and a good way to start yourself in code. The hour of code uses block coding and then it start with java. script.https://goo.gl/x7b5FE,here is a game for you to try.

Last week we skyped a man named Chirayu and he is a principal of a anti-virus software company and we talked about what he does and questions about him. He also asked us questions about our school and what we like to do. The really cool thing about it was that he tweeted about us on twitter even through the whole thing was cool.



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December 2


Northern Cardinal

I am going to right about one of my favorite animals, the Northern Cardinal. They are seed, insect, and berry eating birds with strong bills. They are usually found in open woodland and like most birds the male is more colorful. The males are a vibrant red and the females are a dull reddish olive. The Cardinal has many predators such as a falcon and many other birds. The Cardinal is a very territorial bird and chase off other males from is space.

(This gif was made by me)u8udt

November 2

American hamburger

                                             American Hamburger

A hamburger made in America is usually made up of of 2 buns with a beef patty with vegetables that are manly tomatoes, pickles, and lettuce. Hamburgers can be made in a variety of ways including pan-frying, barbecuing, and flame-boiling. Burgers are sold in fast food restaurants and diners. The is a very popular food that all of american should or do know about.

October 29

Scariest Story Ever

I am going to tell you a very scary story about a man and what horror he went through. Jeffery the farmer always took care of his goats and there was a little boy who lived across the street from Jeffery but that day it was fogy and had a ghostly feeling in the air. That little boy named Bob knew Jeffery very well. That day Bob heard a cry which sounded like the farmer so Bob went to go see what was wrong. Bob came to the farmers house only to see Jeffery laying on the floor with a goat standing above Jeffery. Bob turned around to yell for help but when he turned back around the goat and the farmer were both gone except to find Jeffery’s straw hat laying on the floor. Jeffery and that goat were never seen again!Old HatPhoTones Works #3616